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Woodland, O'Brien & Associates

We're a research and consulting firm that works with major homebuilding companies throughout the US and abroad in their dealings with their homebuying customers, with the specific objectives of achieving superior levels of customer satisfaction and increasing customer referral sales.  Woodland, O'Brien has been a leader in customer satisfaction research and development of the most successful customer handling strategies in the industry for over 20 years.

So, how is your Company

We are homebuilding professionals first and foremost. We work only for homebuilding companies and do no work outside the new home industry.  John Woodland and Keith O’Brien, the principals of Woodland, O'Brien & Associates each have over 30 years of experience in the management of homebuilding companies, and working with many of the finest homebuilders nationwide.  We have provided each of our clients with an exclusive web-based reporting system…  All of your customer satisfaction information available all of the time.

What is your

We are the homebuilding industry's recognized experts in customer satisfaction research and development. We have been providing our research and consulting service to homebuilders for more than twenty years and have worked with several hundred of the nation's industry leaders. In addition to our own extensive backgrounds in the homebuilding business, our counseling efforts are backed by a vast research base that now encompasses feedback from more than a half a million homeowners nationwide.

Why do you get Customer Feedback?

Because the homebuilding company can't get it themselves. As an independent third party, we receive an extraordinarily high rate of response (usually 60% - 80%) and the feedback is candid and objective.  Buyers are willing to share their feelings with us, while reluctant to share the same candid feedback with their builder directly.  Approximately half responding to us, as an independent third party request some degree of confidentiality, and ... not because they're fearful.  As a third party, we can ask the "tough questions" without the typical bruising that occurs between the parties emotionally involved in the process.

Who are your
Typical Clients?

We typically work with the larger homebuilding companies in each market area. We are currently working with approximately a hundred clients across the country and have done work in Australia, Canada and Europe. Our clients include publicly held national giants, many of the Top 400 and the "Who's-Who" of the homebuilding industry, the "Up & Coming" - young, emerging companies with a zeal for growth and established companies who need to improve.

What sort of results
have your clients achieved?

Given several important prerequisites, we have yet to fail in assisting our homebuilding clients in achieving superior levels of customer satisfaction among their home buying customers. In turn, many of our clients enjoy 35% -- 50% of their total business from satisfied customers who refer friends and family.

Are you not successful
with all homebuilders?

No! In order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction consistently and earn increased customer referral sales, it takes three vital ingredients:

* a genuine commitment to growth on the solid foundation of satisfied customers (lip service just doesn't cut it)

* the commitment and active involvement of senior management to "make it happen" (it's got to come from the top)

* a willingness to change as necessary based upon the candid feedback from the homebuying customer (i.e. you've got to be willing to look in the mirror, see the Company through the consumer's eyes and react accordingly.)

Given these vital prerequisites, superior levels of customer satisfaction and improved customer referral sales are almost guaranteed. Without them, it just doesn't work.

How can I get more information
about your company and services?
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